The Glycobiology of Cancer (day 1)

September 16, 2021 - September 17, 2021
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Max.Capacity: 1000 Participants: 586

Special Rules:

September 16, 2021  

1:00-5:00p.m., EDT

Session I: Cancer Progression & Metastasis

Chair, Dr.  Karl Krueger, Program Director, NCI  


1:00p.m., Dr. Gerard C. Blobe, Duke University Medical School

Loss of ALK4 Function Promotes Cancer Progression Through Reprogramming of Receptor Glycosylation

1:30p.m., Dr. Kevin Yarema, Johns Hopkins Medical School  

Metabolic Glycoengineering Labeling of Sialic Acid for Early Cancer Detection

2:00p.m., Dr. Prakash Radhakrishnan, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Cancer-associated Short O-glycans in Pancreatic Cancer Malignancy

2:30p.m., Dr. Charles Dimitroff, Florida International University

The Role of Hypoxia Driving Melanoma Glycobiology Signature

3:00p.m., Break


Session II: Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Chair, Dr. Neeraja Sathyamoorthy, Program Director, NCI

3:15p.m., Dr. Joseph Contessa, Yale University Medical School                                                                                          

Developing an Inhibitor of N-glycosylation for Cancer Therapy                                                                             

3:45p.m., Dr. Steven Banik, Stanford University  

Targeted Protein Degradation from the Extracellular Space

4:00p.m., Dr. Mia L. Huang, Scripps Department of Molecular Medicine

Tools to Discover and Surveil Glycoconjugate Targets in Cancer Biology

4:15p.m., Dr. Dannielle Engle, Salk Institute for Biological Studies   

Interception of the Aberrant Glycan CA19-9 in Pancreatic Disease                                                                     

4:30p.m., Dr. Edgar Engleman, Stanford University School of Medicine

Targeting Dectin-2 for Tumor Immunotherapy

5:00p.m., Adjourn